The 2-Minute Relationship Quiz

Which dates from “The Marriage Test” should you try?
These five questions will help us recommend a few. The activities are geared toward serious, non-married couples but anyone can click some buttons on the internet…


1) Are you doing long distance?

YES, but we have Snapchat
NO, but we also have Snapchat

2) Are you engaged?:

YES, I'm supposed to be wedding planning right now
NO, and I already have a mother so get off my back

3) Where do you think your relationship has the most room for improvement (pick one or two)

Truly trusting each other
Handling money in a similar way
Being on the same page about kids
Sexual compatibility
Closeness with each other's family and friends

4) How often do you and your partner talk about your relationship:

Rarely, if ever
Not that frequently
About Average, I think
Pretty often
We're talking about it as I fill this out

5) How adventurous are you willing to be with these dates?

Okay, a little, I guess
I always pick the middle answer
Bring it on, more or less
Anything for love!