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We’ve been practicing clickbait headlines. How’d we do? Like any good clickbait, this post will sort of deliver on its promise:  has got a bunch of media coverage in the last few days and many of the stories have offered date descriptions–we won’t mention which outlet actually asked to publish all 40 dates on their website but… well, it was the Today Show. We gave them five as part of this fun segment:


PopSugar picked a date from each of our ten categories and gave a nice description of how the project came together. They also repeated the old canard about a 50% divorce rate despite our shoutout to Justin Wolfer’s research on the declining, but ultimately unknowable, rate of divorce.

The New York Post wanted to take our photo at a very specific spot in Central Park though it’s kind of hard to tell from the image they ultimately ran. Yes, the picture makes us look better than we probably do in real life but it still involved us pushing our heads unnaturally close together in an arrangement that otherwise only exists in conjoined twins and engagement photos. Anyway, the Post .

We have only ourselves to blame for Thought Catalog revealing “” because, alas, we wrote that one ourselves.

On NPR, we had a lovely 15-minute chat about the project with The Takeaway‘s John Hockenberry, discussing quite a few dates in depth. If you don’t have time for all that, they posted five online.

Boston Magazine not only shared five relationship-testing dates to try, they personalized them for Bostonians. And the StreetEasy real estate blog had little trouble finding a date to crib: the one about our crib.

Meanwhile, one site did manage to provide its readers .